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Add more show to your Slideshow...

While both Gold and Platinum packages offer high quality presentations that you will enjoy for a lifetime, we also offer extended features and services to take your show to the next level.

All of these extra services are available in either package.

We take great care in the use of these additional features ensuring that whatever enhancements to your show you may choose does not gimmick up the final presentation. Our primary objective is to give you a polished and professional show.

Additional Features & Services
  • Video Backgrounds & Overlays
  • Extended Video Clips w/editing
  • Blu-ray Discs
  • Voiceover Narration
  • Photo & Document Scanning
  • And more...

Scanning Photos and Documents

Scan Photo Service

Not everything is digital.

Have some of those precious photo prints you want to include in your show? Do you have a wedding invitation you would like to appear? We offer high-resolution scanning to capture those photos and documents to use in your presentation.

We can scan photo and document sizes up to 9 x 12 inches. We optically scan your photos at 1,200 dpi, which provides for high quality digital photos. All photos and documents will be returned to you by certified US Mail. Scanned photos are also included in "Bonus Features" on your show disc at no extra charge.

Price: Sixty-five (65) cents per photo or document.

Video Backgrounds & Overlays

Video Backgrounds

Bring backgrounds to life.

Not suited for every type of show, but when appropriate, our stock video backgrounds have a dramatic impact. Many are also well suited to use as video overlays over your pictures as shown in the example below. (See example of the American flag overaly in the "Omaha Beach" show on the Gallery page.)

If you would like to use background or overlay video in your show, just let us know. We will recommend one or more for you.

Price: $15.00 per slide. Video Overlays

Add Your Videos

Your Videos

Add your favorite videos.

If you choose, the Platinum package includes two (2) of your own video clips trimmed to fifteen (15) seconds or less. The Gold package may also incorporate your video clips. Send us your video and we will trim it to just the right length for your show.

Most video clips are used as backgrounds for your still photos. However, as in the example on the left, this video ran for over two (2) minutes to show the entire performance. Extended videos are usually shown by themselves.

Price: $13.00 per fifteen (15) second clip.
Forty-five (45) cents per second for extended clips over fifteen (15) seconds.

Blu-ray Presentations

Add Blu-ray disc

The ultimate in high definition presentation.

If you have a Blu-ray player and HDTV, you will want to get the most out of your slideshow by having it recorded on a Blu-ray disc.

Price: $8.00 per disc.

Multi-show Menus

Multishow Menus

Add multiple presentations to a single disc.

Do you have multiple shows? Place them on a single DVD or Blu-ray disc. Ideal for a collection of related shows, such as, "Our Trip to France". Group the shows by places you visited or however you want. Play a single show at a time or all shows back-to-back.

Price: No change for multiple shows on a single disc.

Extended Captions & Titles

Add Captions

Add captions for narration.

Limited use of captions can add value to your show. Captions can be static or have motion. We can apply hundreds of different types of special effects to your captions. One (1) title slide caption is included in both Gold and Platinum packages.

Price: Ten (10) cents a word.

Voiceover Narrations

Add Voiceovers

Add voiceover narration.

As with captions, limited voiceover narration can add an informative and personalized touch to your show. You can narrate your show while watching a preview on our site to synchronize your voice to the show.

Price: $6.00 per minute or fraction thereof.

Back Cover Printing

Add backcover printing

Give you disc case that finished look.

Finish off your disc case with photos and text on the back cover. Great for recording when and where itineries and special events.
Price: $8.00 for single photo.
$4.00 for each additional photo.
Five (5) cents a word for text.

Custom Effects & Photo Restoration

Add special effects

Unique effects.

We offer hundreds of special effects to apply to your slideshow presentation that are included in the price of our Gold and Platinum packages. But sometimes a one of a kind special effect like the one on the left is requested. Our clients wanted to work in the French flag in some special way for their Paris Seine river cruise show. We chose to open their show with a full screen flag whose individual colors fadded in and out in front of the Effel tower. See this effect on our Gallery page (Seine River Cruise). We will be happy to discuss any unique requirements you may have.

Do you have cherished photos that suffer from tears, stains or discoloration? We may be able to help you restore, in digital form, your photos or documents.

Price: $45.00 per hour or fraction thereof.

Additional Music Tracks

Music Library

Additional music

Price: $3.00 per additional track over the tracks included in each package. Gold package includes three (3) music tracks in the package price. Platinum package includes four (4) music tracks.

Additional Copies of your Slideshow

Additional Copies of your Show

Additional Copies of your DVD or Blu-ray Package

Price: $12.00 per package. Regardless of how many shows you may have on your disc, additional copies are $12.00 for DVD or $20.00 for Blu-ray. Includes shipping and handling.

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