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Slideshow Order

Let's Get Started...

You will not be required to make the purchase of your DVD or Blu-ray presentation when you place your order.

We are so confident that you will be satisfied with the results of your slideshow, that you will not have to make your purchase until you have previewed your show.

You may visit any page on our site while you are entering your information on our order form. When you return to the order form, your will return with all your order information reloaded.

Collecting all your materials

The easiest way to make out your order for is to have all you photos, videos and documents already prepared for shipping.

Organizing your photos, documents, videos and music contained on your computer.

  1. Create folders on your desktop for each of the following items you want included in your show.
    • A folder called "photos". If you are including optional photos, create a folder called "optional photos[?]".
    • If you are including video clips, create a folder called "videos".
    • If you are including music tracks, create a folder called "music".
  2. Most digital cameras number the photos in the sequence that they are taken. Usually the photo names will automatically place them in chronological order. Copy your photos and digital documents you want in your show to the "photos" folder. If your photos need to be moved around, rename your photos in the folder so that they are in the order you would like them to appear in your show.
  3. Copy your video clips into the "videos" folder.
  4. Copy your music tracks into the "music" folder.

Organizing your photos, documents and music NOT on your computer.

These items would be:
  • photo prints that will need to be scanned by us,
  • other documents that will need to be scanned by us,
  • muisc that you have on a CD. Alternately, you may copy the music onto your computer and include your selected tracks in the "music" folder as described above.
  1. Number the back of your photo prints in pencil in the order that you want them to appear in your slideshow or use a PostIt® note attached to the back of the photo.
  2. Number the back of your optional[?] photo prints in pencil as "Optional". We can usually tell by the photograph where we can add the photos as needed.
  3. For other documents you may include, please use a PostIt® note and write the photo number that corresponds closest to where in your slideshow you want the document to appear. Attach the PostIt® to the back of the document.
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